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    North Carolina requires a minimum of liability coverage, and that registered drivers carry proof of insurance with them at all times when driving. Having your policy number and company name can suffice as well as an insurance certificate if you’re working for a company that does business in the state.

    Historically, North Carolina was among the first pioneering states to require liability coverage on cars. Insurers are required by law to inform the DMV of policy cancellations. Please be advised that if you have a lapse in coverage, you will receive a Form FS 5-7 from them, and will have only 10 days to reply. If you had a lapse in coverage, you need to pay a penalty of $50 and become recertified within the 10 days.

    If you don’t respond, you could lose your license plates for up to 30 days. Several fees will be assessed to reinstate your license.

    North Carolina Auto Insurance Minimum Requirements

    North Carolina’s minimum liability requirement is 30/60/25. This means that each person injured in a given accident will be insured for up to $30,000 to a maximum of $60,000 per accident as well as a $25,000 stipend for property damage.

    These are the minimum requirements and many drivers prefer to get additional coverage. Higher liability limits can insulate you from a law suit, with medical expenses being as costly as they are. Collision and Comprehensive can help you save as well. It will only require you to pay a deductible, and then the insurance company will pay for your car’s damages up to the fair market value.

    Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage in NC

    North Carolina is one of the states that requires UM and UIM coverage. The mandatory limits are the same as the aforementioned liability limits. This type of coverage protects you if you’re involved in an accident where the other individual doesn’t have car insurance.

    Additional Information on North Carolina Car Insurance

    North Carolina is not among the no-fault states, and therefore doesn’t require you to get Personal Injury Protection. This is liability coverage that insures you instead of others.

    North Carolina laws for DUI are as follows:

    • Mandatory substance abuse program
    • License Suspension (1 year)

    In addition SR-22’s are not required in the state of North Carolina to reinstate a driver’s license. Generally these documents show proof that you’re carrying the minimum liability coverage required by state. These types of forms are generally required for drivers who have had their driving privileges revoked or suspended, and are trying to reinstate them.

    Should you have any further questions please call the North Carolina Dept. of Insurance at (800) 546-5664. You can also visit them online at www.ncdoi.com

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